Back in 2012 (in my spare room) I started my own nail and makeup salon. Things quickly became bigger and better, so I decided to open my first shop. Since then, the nail and makeup business has boomed and as you can imagine, we use a LOT of glitter! Not only for nails, we also use it for makeup, festivals and weddings.

I saw an article on social media and I was devastated.The article was about plastics/glitters and how it was contaminating our sea life, waters and planet.

So here we are, Boujee Birdy was born! 

Like I once thought, you probably think Eco-Glitter is not as sparkly as conventional plastic glitter. I can assure you, I have searched far and wide for the best eco friendly, spangly, glitter goodness in the world!

Birdy is full of sass, pazaz and its as boujee as ever!


I understand that I cannot save the world. But what I do know, if we all did our "bit" then our planet will be bigger, better and cleaner

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