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Back in 2012, in my spare room, I started my own makeup & nail salon. Things quickly became busy, & I made the plunge to open my first shop. Since then, the nail and makeup business has boomed and as you can imagine, we use tons of glitter! Not only for nails, we also use it for makeup, festivals and weddings.

I saw an article on social media and I was devastated. Plastic & plastic glitter is filling up our waters & lands. Our sea life consumes micro plastics & children are being used to mine natural mica. This causes devastating health problems or even death. How can something so sparkly & beautiful, have such devastating effects?

I did a lot of research & started to investigate. How can I make a sparkly, beautiful product, without any harm and without the massive price tags? Don't you just hate it when companies use the word eco, biodegradable & then hike up the prices? We try and do "our bit" but at a huge cost. So with a lot of passion, pride, blood sweat & tears, and using the best ingredients, at low costs, Boujee Birdy was born!

ALL Boujee Birdy Eco-Glitter is made in labs. They are all plastic free, cruelty free, vegan and children are not mining any natural mica. Not only that, we believe it should be accessible to absolutely everyone.


Birdy is full of sass, pazaz and it's as Boujee as ever!


I understand that I cannot save the world. But what I do know, if we all did "our bit" then our planet will be bigger, better and cleaner

For more information and facts, why not go to our Frequently Asked Questions Page
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