Honey is a delicate, gold, eco glitter fragment. She is like golden hour sunsets.


Pre-order yours now and we will post it from our headquarters in 10/14 days time (from today 05.01.21). Please note, if you order Honey eco glitter fragments, along with other glitters, they will all be sent out in one package. Remember, there are time delays in each individual areas in the UK, due to high demands for online orders, which is an extra strain on Royal Mail. Not forgetting, oversea orders will take longer in general. So please keep all of this in mind. Of course I will you keep you updated on Instagram. 


Boujee Birdy Crushed Eco Glitter OR Eco fragments is a synthetic alternative to mica. It vegan, cruelty free, plastic free and best of all, no children are used to mine.


Boujee Birdy eco glitter is safe for nails, hair and face. However any crushed glitters, please be careful around the eyes, as it's so fine. It has a lot of fall out, so therefore can fall into the eyes easily and can cause irritation.